Sunday Stash Report, September 18, 2011

I begin this day with spiced pancakes which were sure delicious.  Now I sit with my Laurel Burch cat mug full of Starbucks freshly ground coffee recalling my week since Wednesday.

Thursday Bonnie brought me Temecula Quilt Company's Thank You participation gift for entry into their Red and White Quilt Show with Krimson Khat.  It includes fabric and instructions for making a pincushion, two pencils, three maganets and an invitation to attend their Grand Opening on October 1st.  Charmagne also added to my novelty collection of cat fabrics :)!  I don't always, but try to include a very subtle cat fabric in each of my quilts.  This is a bit tricky because I've got to have the perfect color.  This new assortment should help get me into a few quilts that I wouldn't otherwise.

Thursday was the first workshop of Crazy Cats.  This Buggy Barn pattern was definitely no walk in the park!  These cats were certainly more difficult than the pumpkins of Crazy Jacks; but I can tell you too that they will be worth the extra effort.  I'm getting the hang of these two sisters from Reardan, Washington.  Pam Soliday and Janet Nesbitt that create The Buggy Barn designs are all to clever.  Julanne Bergstrom is doing a great job getting the novices through the tricky steps.  I was able to get two cats together at the four hour workshop at Amidon Quiltworks which also included the pressing, ordering of fabrics, the cutting and the shuffling of pieces.  Shuffling involves moving one fabric of several pieces that make the stripe to the bottom of the same units and then moving two fabrics of several pieces that make the cat to the bottom of the same units.  This process gets all the fabrics mixed up so that none of the finished cats are the same.  My assignment before the next workshop on September 29th is to finish the rest of the 12 cats. 

I got two more done on only eight more to go.  This project has been all scraps until Thursday when this oh so perfect stripe literally jumped into my project...of course it was so perfect...the FQ had to stay :)!  Wait until you see it; it is in one of the last cats...perhaps it will make it to my Design Wall tomorrow.  Anyone want to wagger?

Friday was my biweekly off day.  I managed time to work on Kolonial the Bonnie Hunter Jamestown Landing design from the Australian Homespun The Blue Issue magazine that I'm doing in pinks and neutrals.  Now that's a lot of HSTs and its only about a quarter of the total!  I really like the variety. 

I have all the components sewn together including all the string blocks.  The four stacks in the front are pressed  and ready to be trimmed (the HSTs are what was on the ironing board just pressed in the previous three photos).  Once that is done I am ready to assemble the 15 of each 8.5" dark and light Jamestown Star blocks.  I am hoping to find time to work on today.

I have the Sunshine Quilt Guild's 2011-2012 Opportunity Quilt "If I Only Had A Brain" to share with you today.  I've been offering chances for it since Wednesday.  Its been doing rather well and why shouldn't it as adorable as it is.  I'll be offering chances Monday night at Canyon Quilt Guild's September monthly meeting.

I'll end with my stash report which I still can't report a use and I am taking away a FQ from my Net Fabric Used for a short time...that big week is looming ever closer when Kolonial will be counted and Crazy Cats will be right there too.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 192.50 yards
Purchased this week: .25 yards
Purchased YTD: 95.75 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2011: 96.75 yards

I almost forgot to give you the answers to the Quilting Can Be a Crime of Passion game that I gave you on Wednesday's Post.  Starting with Aiding and Abetting and working down the "jumbled crimes" list here's the answers:  F, D, G, H, I, A, C, B, and E.  There is more fun with Mark Tiedeman of Quilter's Paradise on the website.


MB in MI said...

WOW! You're putting together some great things!!

Amy said...

Oh, I HEAR YA on the HSTs for Jamestown! Seems like I've cut and pieced and pressed and trimmed forever! And.....only had HALF of them completed.

Pinks and neutrals....lovely combination.

Kerry's Quilting said...

The Cats are looking great! Can't wait to see all the others. Wow! you have really completed a lot on the Jamestown landing- the pinks look great.