Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hope every one's week is going well so far.  Mine has been really busy...but I treated myself tonight with a manicure/pedicure and a bit more.  I've been due for awhile now and finally decided tonight was the night.  I'm happy with the nice little massage my arms to my elbows and legs to my knees get...

Tuesday night as I mentioned in an earlier post was Sunshine Quilt Guild monthly meeting.  Crazy Jacks stepped out with a big bang!  YIPPEE!  It raised $67 for the evening.  There is one more selling night and the winner is drawn at the October monthly meeting.  We had our customary September meeting program to announce the officer for the coming membership year (I took on two responsibilities that were totally unplanned) and the Ice Cream Social.  We had lots of fun with two games and the ice cream with all the wonderful toppings was a nice touch to our earlier dinner at Outback Steak House. 

There is no right or wrong answer for the Nine Patch Retreat Packing Plan (which I took home a prize for a BINGO!).  There are right answers for the Quilting can be a Crime of Passion game.  I'll let you know them if you are interested in my Sunday blog post. 

I picked up the BOM for the month that will be due in October.  It is a traditional Quilters Cache pattern called Sweet Gum Leaf where we were provided a cream batik for the background.  We will choose a fall colored batik for the leaf.

I'm getting ready to take another doll making class at Country Loft in La Mesa.  It is scheduled for October 7th.  I ordered some wool from Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop that I'm hoping arrives in time.  Wow...wool is much more expensive than cotton! 

I have a gray and black cat dolls already.  Kevin was my first and Koraline was last year.  So this time I wanted to have an orangish cat (like my cats Kaos and Komotion).  The pattern is KitKat Mama which has three kittens.  I'll be making Mama and one kitten in the orangish wool, and the other two kittens gray and beige.  Also picked up a couple of accent wools in indigo and periwinkle.  Wish me luck on everything arriving in time.  The orangish fabric is new and advertised as being available in September; we'll see.  Haven't named Mama or her kittens yet.  You do know that they'll all have "K" names :)!

Finally my Buggy Barn Crazy Cats pattern's first workshop is tomorrow at Amidon Quiltworks.  It was to be the second of two workshops for this pattern, but last Thursday's workshop was halted by the DARK SAN DIEGO power outage.  Looking forward to this workshop with the rescheduled second workshop on September 29th.

Yes indeed this has and continues to be a busy week!  Happy sewing to you all.


Betty said...

I am sure Koraline and Kevin wil welcome their soon to be friend. Yes, you have another busy week. Wish I had your enegry. BOM looks interesting, I know yours will be batik, lol

Kathie said...

A busy week sounds like an understatement. Don't know how you get so much done, do you ever sleep?