Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here are the fabrics for Kourageous pansy block.  I've had some time to work on the individual sections of which there are 23 total (A to W).  Monday while I was paying more attention to DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) for two hours...I got though the D section.  Thought I would have gotten further, but progress still :)!
By the end of yesterday, another TV night with DWTS again my primary attention...I got through the G section.  Unfortunately paying more attention to DWTS had me reversing some stitches on G!  I put the wrong fabric in 3 places.  Fortunately they were on the outsides so the ENTIRE piece didn't have to be done again.  Referring to the picture the finished sections starting at top right (1 o'clock) and moving towards the bottom (6 o'clock) are A through G Sections.  The part of the pattern these sections will become is the flower you can see that is white and purple (top left).

I'm hoping to get some more sections done tonight, without distraction!  By the way no surprises on the first two eliminations of DWTS.

Thursday night is the second and final workshop for the Buggy Barn design Crazy Cats with Julanne at Amidon's.  We'll be making flowers and mice!  Thanks Betty for the inspiration to name this project Katnip Krazy.  (I found out I can share the mice pattern.)

Hope to see you back here on Friday when I post my completed September 2011 UFO Kourageous pansy block.

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