Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Crazy Cats project is moving forward.  Eight are done and two to go!  If you take a Buggy Barn workshop from Julanne she'll give to you your very own pizza box.  She's found it convenient to store Buggy Barn pattern pieces while you are working on the project.  You put your master at the bottom and then stack your individual fabric pieces together placing them in the correct locations according to the master.  When you sew each block you'll take pieces from the top layer and sew together.  If you need to stop and store you pin the individual fabric pieces together close the lid and DON'T shake!  When you are ready to sew again you remove the pins and you are right back where you need to be.  If you try this make sure you get the biggest "clean" pizza box you can find OR come to one of Julanne's workshops :)!  Next Thursday is the second part of the workshop.  We'll be working on the flowers and the cute mouse border that Julanne includes that is not part of the published pattern; wait till you see how cute these are.

Yesterday my spider had to build a new home...with time to spare I received the wool that I ordered from Primitive Gatherings.  The redish orange on the left will be for Kit Kat Mama and probably one of her kittens (there are three).  The ivory is for another kitten and I already have two other black pieces I'm considering for kitty three.  Wish I had the pattern to share with you now; I'll be getting it soon.  The class is October 7th at the Country Loft in La Mesa, CA.  I really like the blue wool; it will potentially be used for clothing that these cats will be "dressed" in.  The other two maroon and green will find a way into this project along with lots of scraps I have from making Kevin and Koraline (two earlier projects).  Haven't decided on names for Mama and her three kittens...of course all four must be "K" names.  Hmmm...what is a good name for a Mama?  Klaudine comes to mind...need a name like Alice (which was my Grandma's) or perhaps Thelma maybe...don't know why Thelma came to mind!

I found an error that I couldn't live with on my August UFO completion, the Iris block for my Kourageous project.  I put my Clover seam ripper to several very tiny stitches and carefully removed the two pieces.  I used the wrong color fabric in both of these locations which fortunately were two outside pieces; do you see them?  I know if I'd left them wrong it would have driven me crazy so the undesirable deed was accomplished.  Much happier now that its right.  I also have all 23 paper pieces cut for the sewing to start on September UFO, the Pansy block.  As I mentioned earlier this one is a doozy.  I'll be sewing it together on Sunday.  Ticktock!  The end of the month is looming closer.

Kolonial is coming along nicely too.  I'm in a holding pattern until the two time critical projects are complete (Crazy Cats and Pansy).  I'm getting so close its hard not to spend time finishing it.  When this project is finished there will be a happy dance when I post my Stash Report!

So what have you been doing so far this week?


Betty said...

I know what that Clover ripper does, just spent time with it, glad that it is over with. Your cats are so nice. Hardly wait for the finished project to show up.

Marj said...

I am loving your cats, I have the fat quarters saved for my own cat crazy quilt. I look forward to seeing the flower blocks. Also am interested in how you add mice to the borders. So far your blocks are beautiful.
Glad you found the problem in the flower block before you were finished with the quilt. Now the rest of the blocks should go together smoothly.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the heads up on how to work on those Buggy Barn patterns. I have one picked out I want to do and this info will be helpful when (if?) I start it.

Jackie's Stitches said...

The cats are adorable! I love the pizza box idea. I try and stay organized in plastic bins but sometimes there isn't enough bottom space to spread out in the box like I would prefer.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love your kitties.....looking good.