Sunday Stash Report, December 26, 2010

The last Stash Report of 2010!  I wish that I could go out with a bang, but Bonnie has had me busy with Roll, Roll Cotton Boll (RRCB) for six weeks now.  I have also been trying to keep up with one of her earlier mysteries, Old Tobacco Road (OTR).  Sewing is finished with Clue 6; now at the pressing stage and snipping the dog ears.  There is a lot of this to do that's kept me standing at the ironing board.  Finnaly, Bonnie is having us put the previous clues together. 

All of this RRCB sewing has left OTR in the dust...darn!  I'm still at Clue 4 with it (only Clue 5 left).  I've got off this week and should be able to finish it up before Clue 7 of RRCB is released on Friday.  I won't be able to claim any stash as the year closes, but I should be coming in with my first 2011 report with a usage.

I couldn't resist two purchases this week.  One was from a LQS called Amidon Quilt Works; it was their "bolt of the day".  Just love the red holiday batik, don't you?  The second purchase was from online with Batiks Etcetera and Sew What Fabrics.  They had a special of 40% off one item.  I have been eying the Timeless Meringue Treat Strip pack for months.  It now sits in my neutral stash ready for a future project.  I did get four quilty Christmas gifts; two packages of  Printed Treasures Sew-On Inkjet Printable Fabric, Heat Press Batting Together Fusible Cloth Tape, a 20% discount off a quilting project at Kerry's Quilting, and a Gift Certificate at another LQS called Rosie's Calico Cupboard (destined for neutrals).  Thanks Mom, Dad, and Kerry.

So here are my totals to end the year that for me started the last week of July when I started recording.  My numbers are respectable.  Hey, guess what I figured out...this coming week purchases are not reportable in 2010!  I'm hoping to take advantage of this!  Bigger numbers are ahead in 2011.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 146.75 yards

Purchased this week: 3.75 yards
Purchased YTD: 17 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2010: 131.25 yards

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Kathie said...

I LOVE the red. I had to laugh as I was thinking the same thing, now I can buy fabric!!! and not report it in 2010. Ok, I am obsessed but there are a couple of fabrics I need.