Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here's a photo taken of Adel just after I gave her the Betty Boop Christmas Tree Skirt.  When she arrived at my office I gave her the very festive package, she sort of had a double take that I'd be giving her something.  Next as she opened the silly bag that wasn't cooperating...she didn't know what she had.  Her first thought was a poncho...crazy girl.  I of course quickly corrected her that it was a tree skirt.  She was so surprised that she was without words.  Later she sent the photo to other friends commenting "Yesterday I got a neat surprise from Sandi, she made me a Betty Boop tree skirt.  I was so excited when I saw the little cartoon face, my hands were trembling.  At first I thought it was a Poncho then a skirt, me in a skirt- no way...Sandi had to tell me its a tree skirt WOMEN...OH MY GOSH...How cute is that.  I feel so special.  (signed) Me.  Miss Betty Boop Collector!"
Adel with her Betty Boop Christmas Tree Skirt

I am still working on my last UFO.  I didn't get it done on the deadline, but I have a plan for the setting that will require a little more sewing of pinwheels.  It will be done this week for certain.  I'll have pictures of it a little later.  I am very excited about this project.

Looking forward to receiving Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll (RRCB) and Old Tobacco Road (OTR) Clue #3 on Friday.  I'm still at half way point with OTR's Clue #2.  BAE System Quilters December Meeting is Thursday.  We'll have a little holiday exchange and a special lunch.

Hope everyone continues to have a wonderful week.

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Betty said...

Looks like I lost that I just knew that you would get that UFO finished on time. But can truly understand, wow! you have so much going on. Adel's tree skirt is so darn cute.