Thursday, December 16, 2010

I've been spending my week making our home festive.  Not any sewing :(.  

Monday was preparing opportunity baskets for an auction that would be held on Tuesday.  Along with all kinds of other things...besides sewing!

Tuesday was the Holiday Meeting of Sunshine Quilt Guild.  I donated two nice baskets full of quilty stuff.  They both bought in some nice dollars for the guild.  I also orchestrated a game called Scavenger Hunt in Your Purse which was fun.  It had some very interesting items to be scavenged with points positive and negative with winners for the most points and the least points.

Wednesday had me putting up our Christmas Tree, taking down Fall quilts, and working on holiday cards.

Today was more work to finish the holiday cards so they go in the mail tomorrow morning.  I've also spent a good portion of the evening gathering information and taking pictures to post the first of my 2011 UFO projects that will be part of Patchwork Times 2011 UFO Challenge.

Friday has me at a retirement and a holiday party...a little Christmas shopping and a trip to the airport to get DH.  Can't wait to get Roll Roll Cotton Boll Clue 5 in the morning.  I'll be back to sewing on Saturday!

Check back tomorrow for a look at my #1 UFO.

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