Wednesday, November 10, 2010

These are the fabrics that Kerry and I have selected for Bonnie Hunter's 2010 Mystery called Roll Roll Cotton Boll.  Her fabric selections were shared on November 1 with Clue #1 to be released on November 19.  The world of Bonnie-ites is humming on Quiltville Chat with anticipation.  Of course online the Quiltville Chat Yahoo Group has a folder of all the fabrics participants are choosing from their stash (and cover your ears stash users...) or purchases at quilt shops around the globe.  There are participants from Canada, Australia, England, Israel and certainly others along with all of us around the United States.

Bonnie certainly knows how to shake up a bunch of quilters!

I'm still cutting 10 1/2" blocks for the back of Kandy Korn (formerly Kreamed Korn...).  All along I was debating on Kandy Korn because the colors of the quilt "felt" more like the popular Halloween candy, but I kept telling myself that Kreamed Korn rolled off the tongue better.  Several of you commented that it had more the Kandy Korn look so I've complied (without too much struggle I might add).  I'll be saving "Kreamed" for another time.  Maybe it will be right for a shades of brown scrappy quilt I'm going to put's "Kreamed Kappuccino" sound?

As I mentioned earlier I'm starting on my last 2010 UFO this week.  It's due right around the corner already on the last day of this month.  It will be made with the block designs gathered from the 2009 Cruisin Quilt Run that is held annually in March.  The designs are all stars and fabrics from my red, white, and blue stash totes will be used.  This one is to be called 2009 Kruisin that was easy!

Enjoy the remaining days of this week, hope you get to everything you want to...above all spend time in your sewing room!

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Kathie said...

wow thats a lot of fabrics, is this all out of YOUR stash. I have a lot of fabric but if I tried to pull browns for instance I could probably come up with 3 or 4 is all.