Wednesday, November 23, 2010

Six blocks done towards my last UFO for this year...times getting tight...six more to do before November 30th.  I've got to make a run to the quilt shop :(!  Unhappy with this because I wanted to use only stash, but I need a light blue background for the remaining blocks.  It's just NOT in my stash and it's the only thing that I think will work.  I just need a little bit...hope I can get in and out without anything else drawing my attention.  Here's the six blocks I've got made right now.

2009 Kruisin Kwilt

The next six blocks will have the light blue background and instead of the teal blue will use a dark brown.  Not sure what other changes of fabrics will take place; there is a short stash stack to choose from :)!  Check back on Sunday for further results; maybe even a finish since I have four days off and NO plans to attend any crazy hour shopping sprees.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Kathie said...

looks like some complicated blocks, have fun at the quilt shop!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Betty said...

I knew you would do it. The blocks are moving along good. Can't wait to see the finished top.