Sunday Stash Report, May 14, 2023

Let me start with Kalliope, my Sunshine Annual Challenge project.  I was luck enough to win one of the five categories.  My project came in first with the most membership votes for Most Contemporary or Unusual Technique.  The challenge was to use only fabric colors from a paint strip that we were all provided (the teals), black/white/gray (since these are shades not colors), and one other color (which I did not use).  Look close you will notice that all the black and white fabrics have a music theme along with the quilting.  (The back is pretty awesome too!)

This is a close up of one of the wheels.  Oh and can you spot the kitties?  Nice Charm Roll for my win in the category.

As for stash.  Hobby Lobby provided me with a few adds.  I happened to shop with them on Thursday before the retreat when they had their biweekly 40% off all their fabrics sale.  Love it when I time it just so!  One can always stock up on backgrounds...right?  This purchase totaled 15.75 yards.

Then came the retreat!  This is the 2023 group.  Many same faces and several more new.  I sat next to Jean and Christy with Pam and Gina just after them.  We have lots of room to spread out that is really nice.  We had a blast each and every minute with different group activities including door prizes after each meal (thank you to those who supplied the goodies), a 10 inch "circle or dot" exchange and the theme block winner take all, plus a Left Right Center with FQs as for the betting.  I was real happy with the "circle or dot" exchange, the door prize I won, and the reveal of my theme block that I didn't win.  I have a little more to do on it before Karen the winner finally has it in her hands.  So have I missed anything except for sharing photos of all of the fun things?
Door Prize

10" Circle and Dot Exchange

Theme Block "Birds"

You can see where the Theme Block didn't get quite finished.  There are still blossoms and leaves to applique in place, but Karen will be okay (anxious nonetheless) getting the finished Theme Block inside the next week or two.

During the retreat two local quilt shops offered discounts to us.  Between Stitches was a first time for me to visit and to shop in and the discount was great.  I purchased a Layer Cake called Hush 2 by Riley Blake Designs.  This purchase totaled 1.5 yards.  

Sew Treasured is a well loved shop that I'd frequent often if it were closer to home.  I picked up what I set out to get in the beginning; background for one of the projects I brought with me to the retreat.  It just happened they had just gotten in the perfect backing for the project; it hadn't even been put into their inventory.  Then I "just must have" (Pam pushed me, not hard though LOL) to add it to my shopping cart!  I haven't counted the fabric from the kit yet, but when I do I'll be sure to add it to my stash numbers.  This purchase total for now amounts to 5.5 yards.  

Then if that weren't enough a traveling quilt shop set up by another quilting group let our group shop after they had first dibs.  Our group was much larger so the traveling quilt shop truly made out!  I picked up a few things with them as well.  I couldn't resist fabrics to make Hometown Halloween by Kimberbell.  It lacks the panel that I think is part of the Emblishment Kit.  I have a message out to an ETSY seller to see if what I think is true; if so I'll be purchasing it.  Finally, a just love it purchase!  Guessing around 4 yards total.

Well I've held your attention for far too long with this post so tomorrow I will bring you photos of all the things I worked on at the retreat.  Some ready to ship to Kerry for her magic and others still to finish.  I hope to see you tomorrow!

Stash CHANGES!  Still in the black, but next week I will be counting the used from the retreat!

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 43.75 yards 
Purchased this week: 11 yards 
Purchased YTD: 41.75 yards
Net used in 2023: 2 yards

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