Design Wall Monday, June 27, 2022


Here is where I am today with Hopscotch.  I have two more corners to build before I start putting all the sashing and rows and inner border, and piano key outer border together.  Yes, I am ready to give this a finish.  My steps along the way...

Each block takes five four patches
Let me tell you about all these rail sets...URGH...  I was supposed to make a total of 80 units not sets.  Oh well, I do have enough scraps to make two more projects...LOL!
These were the blocks coming together.
These were my choices for sashing and inner border.
The first two of 18 more blocks.
Piano key dark fabrics.  There is a size problem in the instructions.  It was easy enough to correct.  The longer piece should be 6" not 6.5".  The smaller 4.5" piece gets a 2" square on top.

I hope your week goes smoothly this last days of June.  Do you have any plans for the 4th of July?  Take care =^.^=


Janet O. said...

I am missing so many things when I can't get to blogs regularly. Hadn't even known you were making this quilt. Is it a Bonnie Hunter pattern?
Oh, how frustrating to realize you misread and could have been putting time and energy into something else, rather than making more of something than you needed.
Also, at least the error in the cutting instructions was something cut too large that could be cut down. Really a bummer when the instructions incorrectly tell you to cut something too small.
Looking really good! said...

Oh well, you are ahead on the next project.