Sunday Stash Report, September 19 2021


Finally a finish!  Kofi is done and ready for quilting.  I really like the look created in the border with the blades.  I have a bunch of blades left that might end up on the sleeve =^.^=  This project was started in January 2020; about time its done.  Now on to picking another 2021 UFO to get finished!

In the meantime stitching continues with Fit to Frame, as of yet not named.  Once Kofi was down I moved Fit to Frame over so that I could work more with block placement.  I have tried to keep the backgrounds mixed up along with the color choices in the blocks.   One thing for sure the berries in the third row down on the far right must change.  I've been preparing some darker pink and a red fabric instead.  

The last to stitch is Block 11.   I next need to figure out if I was sashing or not.  Kerry used a cheddar fabric for her version.  I really want to keep this small so I'm thinking no sashing as the designer intended.  These blocks are trimmed down to finish at 6" in the quilt.  I will definitely have an outside border so we shall see after some Design Wall magic.

Used this week:  8.5 yards
Used YTD: 151.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 182.25 yards 
Net used in 2021:  -30.75 yards

3 comments: said...

So lovely. And your applique is looking great

Nancy J said...

Fit to Frame is lovely and the wee birds are beautiful among the leaves

Janet O. said...

The dimension created by the shaded colors in Kofi truly makes them appear to be folded paper fans. So cool!