Sunday Stash Report, September 12, 2021


Happy Sunday!  It is half time on the first Sunday of NFL football.  Watching the Chargers and the Washington Football Team (will they ever decide on a name?) face off in a game that so far looks ALL Chargers!

My Stash Report brings in more for Vintage Christmas BOM that I believe might be its last installment from Stitchin Heaven.  I am still only sewn through Month 1...darn it.  This time it is Month #8 that includes the sashings and cornerstones.

I am putting my effort into Fit To Frame, 2019 UFO, and Kofi, 2021 UFO.  Fit To Frame needs a name for those who might have one to suggest.  Ten of the 12 blocks are done now with the latest finish of Block 10 (bottom left).  This one has to be my favorite.  I am already on to Block 7, but we'll leave more information on it for tomorrow.

Kofi's piecing is done.  I never could figure out the corners so solid black fabric will suffice and really it does look correct.  I have to sew the units together and hope that my pieced border will fit.  It shouldn't be too hard to correct if it doesn't.  I never heard from Anelie Belden the quilt's designer.  I sure hope she's okay.

The last of my sewing this week has been to make a sample and create the instructions for Sweet Apple block.  I was introduced to this block at my Mom's Quilter's By the Bay Quilt Guild meeting.  My Sunshine Quilt Guild was needing a member to pick up September BOM coordinator.  So this fit right in; easy-peasy.  It makes into such a cute wall hanging or quilt whether it be for a teacher, a friend, or yourself.

As you can see I have been pretty busy since returning from Maryland/Virginia a week ago.  It was a wonderful trip!  I had the opportunity to see all of my family in the area.  Austin has a brilliant new job.  Greyson is such a cutie!  Matt is healing well.  Karen, Scott, Tiffany, Mom and Dad are all doing well.  Puzzles, QBB Monthly meeting and a visit to the Pinkerton farm were the best.  Two dinners out to celebrate birthdays.  Oh my what a time.  Only bad part was not being able to holler BINGO on two separate nights trying (both Karen and Mom did).  I was even thrilled with all the weather which thankfully took place when we didn't have to be out in it.  Ida was in the area, but our part of the woods saw mostly wind, lightening, and thunder (on both sides of the hurricane).  I timed it right flying in and out before all the storms.  My flights were packed full of delays and people, but we will leave this discussion for another time!

Not quite ready to spin the numbers.  Getting closer to a 2019 and 2021 UFO finish that is near.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD: 143 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 182.25 yards 
Net used in 2021:  -39.25 yards