Design Wall Monday, December 31, 2018

I stitched on Kyanite nearly all day.  The sashing is going to take some time to finish.  There were some string border units stitched as well, but the 2 1/2" pieced triangle in a square is going to be around for awhile.
It is a good thing that there are other projects for a bit of variety in my sewing.  Koldplay Part 6 finished.  Waiting now for the next part to be released of #GoodFortune.  Making only half seems to be cheating =^.^=
Last Saturday I stitched in Lakeside with some of the Sunshine Guild girls.  We discussed the wool parts of the next opportunity quilt and kitted the "X" blocks. 
We also have our first yo-yos completed.  Members will be able to participate in the assembly of next year's project.  The current quilt will have a winner in June and tickets for this one will be available in September.

I'll let everyone get back to waiting for the famous ball to drop in Time Square.


Betty said...

Beautiful quilt, love Kyanite, the pattern and colors are stunning.

Aunt Marti said...

Kyanite is going to be incredible — but definitely _not_ a “quilt in a day!”

Nancy J said...

The blues are beautiful, and the extra long bench? Specially made for a quilt layout I'm sure!!!

Janet O. said...

Kyanite is beautiful, and cool looking. It also appears to be a complex assembly!