Design Wall Monday, December 10, 2018

And then there were seven.  Just nine more to assemble.  Kilkenny Kat is looking good.  I have all the things done that are needed for the shipment to Road to California.  I have all the labels sewn in place that have been printed.  Kraft which was done in June finally has its origins attached =^.^=
Part 3 of Koldplay (aka #Good Fortune) is finished in part :)!  Don't you like the alligators that I have deemed a good neutral.  I've had that piece of fabric for years.  It has finally found a home!

It would be so nice to have off today to finish the exciting projects I am working on.  Oh well, the Holiday Break is just around the corner and this week is a short one.  Enjoy your week!


Betty said...

You will have this one finished in no time. I like the name you have chosen, again love patriotism

Janet O. said...

That combination of blocks makes a very pleasing design--so unique and fun for the eye to follow.