Wednesday, November 8, 2017

If you aren't interested in seeing my kitties, Kosmo and Kassy, this isn't a post for you!  Kosmo likes being in front of the camera a bit more than Kassy.  Above was Sunday enjoying a nap on Tim's lap.  He is a big boy, about 1.5 pounds bigger than Kassy.

I had the perfect photo of the two of them in the empty grocery bag with only their tails visible outside the bag.  Then you know the way it ended up.  Before camera was in hand Kassy flew out and he turned around.  Oh well, all we can do is try, right?

Last week during grocery shopping the squirrel nearly jumped into my hands.  I knew it was the perfect toy for Kassy.  (I put a can of green beans in the photo so that you could realize size.)  Well Kosmo got interested and before long if she was anywhere near him with it he'd growl at her.  Yes cats do growl!  So this week's grocery shopping yielded another similar toy, the skunk.  Well Kassy does get to play with it if Kosmo is around with the squirrel, but only then.  If both toys aren't around...forget it Kassy.  I'm scolding him to share with his sister; I'm sure you can understand how well he listens =^.^=

Here my kitties are enjoying dinner.  They do love to eat!  Can you tell who is who?

After dinner it was time to play.  I had the laser pointer, Kassy's favorite of all toys.  She runs crazy after it, so much so that I need to stop after awhile and let her rest.  Then she does nothing but whimper that it is gone.  Kosmo is above and Kassy is below.

This is where I am with Kutarug.  There is sewing going on, just not much of it.  All the completed rows are sewn together, about 23 of them.  I arranged it on the design wall in such a way that I can keep track of the colors.  Most of what is sewn is folded under from the top, pinned to the wall, and ready for the next rows to be determined.  I am stitching two rows at one time, which makes the construction a bit faster.  There are lots of units ready to go together.  Kitty nap times are the best!

We have reached hump day.  The rest of this work week will slide by in no time.  Enjoy the things you love. 


Nancy J said...

And the kitties take first place in any post!!! They are so adorable, and HUGE time wasters, well ,never time wasted, just consumed. Paper bags, scraps of fabric, and a ball of wool, not to mention the fluffy toys. Do they like a little cat house to sleep in at night? or is it the bed??

Betty said...

Darling pics of Kassy and Kosmo, yes they certainly consume your time, but I know you are totally enjoying them. They are growing up each day. Look forward to your calls, telling me what they got into each day.