Design Wall Monday, November 6, 2017

Paradise Sewing in Poway, CA recently relocated.  Their grand opening was this past Friday.  This was on one of their recent email flyers announcing their opening after a week being closed (along with all their sales).
Kutarug is wealthy once again with hour glass units.  I do need to count, just to see how close I am getting to the ~980 units needed.  I sure hope it is soon.
More yellow/blue HSTs needed to be made too.  This is not even enough for one row.

A few more hour glass units were started as well.  You may have noticed that the black units are not nearly as plentiful as other colors.

Until next time =^.^=

1 comment:

Janet O. said...

Cute cartoon. :)
You must have received my portion of patience, because trimming all of those HSTs would make me loopy!! What an amazing quilt this is going to be!