Design Wall Monday, January 16, 2017

I added to my stash today.  It is the first purchase of the year.  All the fabrics have an immediate use which is a great thing to say :)  The blue star fabric is border 3 of Kozy Korners.  I had hoped to use the solid blue for border 2, but didn't want to make the decision unless I could find something that would work well with it...I did!  Still out on the binding although considering the gold used in the sashing.  What do you think Mom?

Another purchase was for a fabric that will match the new carpet.  On the left and above in the photo are three cloth cord covers from scrap that will be used in the office and sewing room to hide the electrical cords that are just way too out of hand.  They are tubes of cloth that finish at 3" wide where the cords will slip through.  About four cords should fit inside this width.  The ones that will use the new fabric will be a bit wider.  Their use will be for the stereo equipment where the cords include cables that are larger.

The last purchase are the fabrics on the right that finish the fabrics for the Road to California Workshop, A Tarted Up Pineapple.  I have some starching to do before leaving on Tuesday evening for the Wednesday class.

Nothing graces my Design Wall today, but once Sunday gets here it should be filled with units of En Provence, my Kourtepointe.  I am all finished with the "parts" and ready to stitch once my sewing room is unpacked.  As I usually do on Mondays, linking in to Patchwork Times.  Wishing you a pleasant week.


Janet O. said...

The blue star fabric is a great fit for border #3.
I have never heard of the cord cover idea before. Very clever!!

Betty said...

Well, carpet in, house straighten up, now you will be on a roll again. Happy days