Design Wall Monday, February 8, 2016

Congratulation Denver Broncos!  It was somewhat unexpected play by the Carolina Panthers in my opinion.  What did you think about the commercials and the halftime show.  Like Bruno Mars and the Doritos commercial topped them all!
This week I have touched on almost every project I have in work.  It is a bit hectic having so many things going on, but it is a good chaos.  I have been trimming the many HSTs that will be used in Winning Combination...which thanks to Janet O...has a "K" name.  Kutarug fits perfectly!  You will be seeing this project for quite sometime as I work on the 936 2" HSTs.

Konstellation and Krown
2016 UFO
Konstellation and Krown is my February UFO that holds top priority under the needle right now.  The start is 5" squares of two main fabrics; in my case blue and red.  Along with 5" neutrals.  Then the trim down to 4 1/2".  I am in the process of trimming down with the reds to finish.  Next comes dividing the the unit into four equal pieces which become two smaller HSTs and one each of the background and main fabric.  My sample has an error in the layout which I'll be certain to watch out for when the blocks, two different types are assembled.  (It's the white solid block in the red block upper left that should be red.)  I should have this project close to done by the weekend.
Konstitution Month 2 HSTs are prepared and ready for stitching.  I have several of the units sewn, with more to go.  I do love HSTs!  This project takes 720 HSTs that will be done with triangles on a roll paper.  The quantity has been divided up into three months since Kerry and I are doing this project as a BOM through the year.
Krystals was in my hands during the Super Bowl.  I have two of the 17 snowflakes sewn down.  The snowflakes are felted wool and the thread to sew them down is perle cotton.  You can just about make out the one in the top left of the quilt.  There are two different snowflake designs.
50 x 62
2015 UFO
52 x 71
Kurosity and Kristoff came home with me from Kerry's on Saturday.  I have both trimmed down awaiting the binding that needs to be prepared yet.  Kurosity will have the black print (like the outer border) with the gray for the sleeve.  Kristoff will get red binding and the scraps will be sewn together for the sleeve.  Kristoff makes me about you?

By the way if you want any information on any of my quilts you can easily read my steps from start to completion by selecting the appropriate label on the right side bar.  I started doing this in 2016.  Any quilt that has not been completely finished you'll find a label.  Want to know about Kristoff???...just select its label and see everything Kristoff.

I have the Sunshine Quilt Guild monthly meeting to attend tomorrow night.  The program is Schools in Session.  I'll be presenting a 15 minute tutorial on several ways to make a flying geese unit.  Friday has me in a workshop with Bonnie Hunter sponsored by El Camino Quilt Guild.  I'll be at Eleanor Burns place, Quilt in a Day, for the day.  The project is Scrappy Majestic Mountains.  I plan to use a 5" HST instead of the 8" called for in the instructions.  I was in a swap where 5" HSTs were swapped...a perfect opportunity to use them!  It will be a smaller project, but I like that idea.

There are a few more projects waiting for me to get back to, but that will be another day =^.^=  Take time to see other projects going on in the sewing rooms of other quilters through the links today at Patchwork Times.


Nancy J said...

I see so much going on at your place, where do you fit in a meal or even time to have a wee sleep? Maybe the magic fairies do meals and shopping. Love that teal block, super with the red.

Jennifer said...

So many projects going on...and so many hst's - I usually avoid projects like that! Hope you have a great meeting and workshop this week!

Janet O. said...

This was the post that kept on giving! Can't believe how many projects you are actually working on at one time--not just stuffed in the closet somewhere. And all of them are beautiful! I tried to choose a favorite, but as each project came up it seemed to jump to the top of the list (okay, so I am partial to purple and stars).
I like the idea of making Bonnie's quilt smaller, too. But then, I like that idea for most any pattern. : )
Good luck on your presentation!

Betty said...

I know you will enjoy the Bonnie Hunter's workshop, The two quilts that are ready for binding will be the finishing touches on Kursority and Kristoff. Again you have a lot going on, and you are sure to be staying busy. I like the name Janet O picked out. You are so lucky to have friends helping name all those "K" quilts.