Sunday Stash Report, February 28, 2016

Let me start with Kwill that has been completed.  This is my first feathered star project.  I've done a couple of others, but they were for other projects not mine.  You can check out the making of Kwill (and any other in work projects) through the Label on the right side bar.  I can see the possibility of more feathered stars in my future.

Earlier in the week I took on part of a project for my friend Bonnie.  She's hoping to get this Judy Niemeyer project complete for her Mother-in-Law this year.  This is the bottom outside border of Judy's Flowers for my Wedding Ring design.

I finished all the vines and leaves on my piece.  Thursday evening the light pink flower finished.  DeLinda is helping too.  Between the three of us this project will be done before her Mother-in-Law's Birthday rolls around again.

This last weekend of February my attention was turned to completing my BOMs.  My second one Kalvery was done on Saturday.  It was much the same as January two large blocks and six smaller blocks.  The large blocks are 12" and the smaller ones 6" finished. Once the design wall is available I plan to layout the pieces done so far to see how it is looking.  

The third and last of the February BOMs to finish is Kanton Kull.  This was the start of February's "Chapter".  It is a 12 month series, but instead of each month where a block is produced, this project's segments are rounds.  The fabrics on the left are for February.  The block on the right is Chapter 1.  This project is heavy cutting; not to mention precise unit measurements.

Before bedtime last night the Delectable Mountain blocks were assembled and ready for the final seams of Chapter 2.  I will be finishing this up today.  Don't you just love the red fabrics?  Just wait to you see all of them!

No change to stash this week.  I have so much happening in my sewing room that finishes might take awhile...but that's the enjoyment...working on each of them.  Visit tomorrow for a view at all the projects I have in work and just where they are in their process.  Link into Patchwork Times if you have time.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  29.75 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  33 yards

Net used in 2016: -3.25 yards


Betty said...

Love the feathered star progress. Kwill is very nice. I actually completed two feathered star quilts, it is fun working on them. Bonnie should be very pleased with you and Delinda working on her applique. It is so great to have such good friends. Unusual for you to have many projects waiting to be finished. I bet you are going crazy, trying to get caught up.

AnnetteJ said...

Whaaat? What??? Applique? Gotta love it.

Unknown said...

Never a negative thing to say about your beautiful work. What a great friend (and sister ��) to help with a project but it doesn't surprise me. I actually really like the vine. It would be a fabulous Easter table runner just by itself.

Nancy J said...

Delicate applique, beautiful, And every other quilt or block, beautiful too.The last one, maybe my pick for today.

Janet O. said...

Wow, that applique work is gorgeous!
All of the patchwork you have going is great looking! I agree with what your Mom said--seems like you have more "in the works" than usual. Does it make you crazy? : )