Wednesday, October 7, 2015

60" x 60"
I finished binding this one on Sunday during the football games.  We had a delightfully rainy day in San Diego.  How perfect is that match for a few hours of binding?  The quilt was started at Road to California 2015 during the evening mystery.  The mystery workshop was with Tiffany Hayes, her design called Downton Abbey.  Tiffany is the creator of the Goddess Tool.  You may wonder about the name I have given my was inspired by a blog follower of mine.  The Carnarvon family seems to be linked to the Earl of Grantham.  Of course I took liberty with the "C".

This past Monday was my birthday.  My Mom sent me a birthday cute is this little kitty?  Today is my sister's birthday.  She has always been a birthday wish come true as two brothers were born ahead of her.  I finally had a sister!  Quite a wonderful gift for a nine year old me.  Happy Birthday Karen!


Janet O. said...

Congrats on another finish.
Hope you had a happy birthday, my friend (and birthday wishes to your sister, too). That is such a cute little kitty picture.

Nancy J said...

Stunning colours together in your quilt, and what a great design. Happy birthday to you and your sister as well.

Unknown said...

I left you a happy birthday on your timeline in facebook. I love your quilt. it is beautiful. you have such a gift with color and quiltmaking. I know you will keep up the fantastic job that you always do. take care - debra

Betty said...

oh wow, love the latest quilt Karavon, such rich colors. Plus it is done, now I guess you will finish another before Monday, lol. Glad that you love the cake and the sweet kitty holding it. I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. They both have great talents and so different. Love you both.