Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I started stitching this UFO project that was my Mom's.  It is called Expect The Unexpected by Karen Sievert of The Nifty Needle.  Mom has everything cut out and many of the units sewn together.  Seems she lost interest...  I'm not one to leave a project collecting dust, so it came back with me to finish.  There are a total of five blocks across and six blocks down.  The block size is 15" x 15".  Two borders surround the blocks; so it will be a large quilt.
 These are the four quilts Kerry finished the quilting on that I got from her on Sunday.  I need to prepare each of their bindings, sleeves, and labels still.  All of these were 2015 UFOs off my list.
The back needs to be pieced on Kristoff yet before it moves to the quilting queue at Kerry's.  Last but not least is Katchaklaus.  All the applique of the faces is done on section B2; ready to move on to stitching more flying santas.

Happy Wednesday to you!


Nancy J said...

Hmmm, the Unexpected is going to be huge, how many projects do you have on the go right now???

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You are brave to take on your Mom's unfinished project--it's looking good

Betty said...

Good job on finishing up my quilt. It just seems like I like crafts a bit more. However I haven't given up making them. Looks like you have a lot of hand sewing to do. I am sure your DH will enjoy having you being with him during the games. Look forward to seeing more Santa.

Janet O. said...

Your Mom's former project reminds me that I once made a bubble gum pink and cotton candy blue quilt. Very fun colors with those stars. Maybe you could name it Konfection.