Wednesday, October 14, 2015

 A fun filled Buggy Barn workshop is right around the corner on Sunday, October 25.  I'm very excited about this workshop project.  Believe! is the project led once again by Julanne Burgstrom.  I stopped in at Rosie's in La Mesa before my Sunshine Guild Meeting on Tuesday to look for and hopefully pick up the remaining fabrics.  Well I found seven 1/2 yards that I was happy with so a purchase was made!  The bottom white you see in the photograph above has been sitting in my stash for several YEARS!  It finally has found a home with flying Santas...who would have imagined that?  This project is yet to be named so a little help would be great.  I have lots of "K" quilt projects that are Christmas inspired so this one becomes difficult...whose clever?

Tomorrow is Buggy Barn Club Monthly Get-Together.  I'm thinking about packing up my Kristoff (Prince Charming) in my Pizza Box and heading over after work for three hours of sewing with like minded Buggy Barn gals.  I have some units to stitch tonight that will make that moving of pieces easier...we'll see how much I can get through before bedtime.

Tuesday also brought Kamikaze home with me.  I will probably get to trimming it down and putting the binding on this weekend.  We have a couple of good Netflix coming our way and of course Sunday football games where binding works well into the schedule.  Look at the back!  The orange thread on the cream back Oh My Gosh!
Happy Hump Day!


Nancy J said...

Super quilting design, and Santa flying... " Katchaklaus" or Kanclausfly", this looks like it will be great fun. And then there is always " Katapult", I wondered if there is a word associated with chimneys that might fit?

Heather said...


Janet O. said...

Wow--that is a tough one. Koasting Kringles or Kannonballed Kringles, or even Kringle Kavalcade or Kringle Karavan.
Well, that is my 2 cents worth. : )

Betty said...

You certainly have a bunch of K names listed above. You better write them in your book, lol
"Katchaklaus" is a cutie. You have such creative followers, hard to pick just one. The quilting on Kamikaze is a big WOW, it certainly is lovely. Good luck on your Buggy Barn class, I know that you really enjoy those classes.