Thursday, October 22, 2015

I finished sewing the eyes on all the frogs.  (The photo was taken before I finished the top row.)  Next will be the smile.  I'll be using six strands of DMC pearl cotton thread to give them some bulk.  Wondering if I should change the plan from black to white on the darker frogs... There are at least four that I'm worried about not showing up well.

The Believe! workshop scheduled this weekend has been cancelled.  There were only two that signed up; lack of participation caused the cancel :(.  Kerry and I will have our own workshop same time at my home instead.  Kerry hasn't sewn a Buggy Barn, but with my experience of making them it shouldn't be too difficult getting her going.  Flying Santas to show soon!

Enjoy your day.


Unknown said...

I was signing up today for the Believe class. I am surprised it was cancelled. Thanks for letting me know about the cancellation and about you both working on the quilt. Have a wonderful day!!!

Nancy J said...

Those frogs are really cute, and the whiskers, well they are all clours so any contrast that shows well..Depends what is in the box of cottons? I think white on the darker ones and black on light ones, keeping the stitched whiskers symmetrical??

Janet O. said...

Those froggies just come alive with those googly eyes! : )
So sorry the workshop was cancelled. Well, you and Kerry can have your own fun, and she will have a great teacher!

Betty said...

At least it will give you some one on one time with Kerryat your home. You both will have couple of great flying santas. The eyes really made the frogs come alive.