Sunday Stash Report, September 20, 2015

I have quite a bit of fabric to add to my stash this week.  First up is the monthly fabrics for Kanton Kull.  This project hasn't yet been started.  It is A Prairie Gathering by Pam Buda.
This next project is Konstitution.  I purchased the entire kit from Primitive Gathering.  This project hasn't been started either.  It is Union Blues by Barbara Brackman.  I had a heck of a time with fabric; finding it much easier to buy the entire kit in the end.  Primitive Gatherings has a few more of the kits.  I purchased the back at Country Loft in La Mesa.  Both projects are planned to be stitched at the same time as Kerry works on hers.  It will probably be sometime before either project makes it to the sewing table.

I did use five yards for the back of Krates.  This is the project that my Mom purchased all top fabrics so I can't claim that yardage.  In the end this week I have way more to add then to take away.  I am very happy with my purchases!

I am still cutting Komatose (Bonnie Hunter's Lazy Sunday), but that's another post...come back tomorrow to see my progress.  I hope to be sewing today on this September UFO project.

Used this week:  5 yards
Used YTD:  194 yards
Purchased this week:  30.75 yards
Purchased YTD:  156
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  38 yards


Nancy J said...

Those fabrics in the kit look so good together, I'm sure we will get lots of photos soon, or maybe later.

Kate said...

At least you are ahead for the year. Lots of fun stuff in the works at your place.

Anonymous said...

I love blue and brown together. Great fabrics!

Dar said...

I like the fabrics you got for Konstitution. That will be a beautiful combination of blues. Lots of upcoming projects coming down the pipeline.

Betty said...

Awesome blues, love the pattern, it won't be long for you to have it up on your design wall.