Saturday, September 12, 2015

As you may know the San Diego Quilt Show is in full swing today.  On Wednesday I took a workshop to learn all about hexies.  Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses was my class taught by Tina Rainer.  It was a small class, but we stitched away after preparing our hexie shapes.  Below is the patterns's cover and a variation of what it can become.  I'm pretty certain the size of the pattern's cover will finish my project.

While I attended the workshop Stella Lightning supplied the task lamps for the classroom.  Offering a show price...well what to say...I was hooked.  I purchased one in white that will clamp to my sewing cabinet.  I should receive it within a week.  Hopefully it will cut down on the heat in my room as well as shed some different light on my sewing station.  Contact Mary Jean Murphy at Stella Lighting if you are interested in one of these task lights.  The model is called the Edge.
Finally, I ended up with some nice items from the goodie bag students receive.  I've taken many things out of the bag already, these items made it to the sewing room.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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Betty said...

Can't picture you doing hexes, but maybe you will like them after you do a few? Hope you enjoy your light, now you can sew till you go to bed. lol.