Design Wall Monday, September 14, 2015

On my design wall today is the completion of Krates.  This design is by Emily Cier called Another Brick in the Wall.  Next up will be to put a back together for it.  Along the way maybe a binding fabric will strike me.  There sure were a lot of pieces to this project.
After picking up my quilts from Rosie's after the San Diego Quilt Show I worked on Komatose.  This will be the last 2015 UFO project to finish and it is due this month!  It is Bonnie Hunter's design called Lazy Sunday.  I found some good oranges and pinks in my stash to cut up into the various pieces needed.  I took on the greens first, oranges, and now the pinks.  The teals are already done.  Purples and neutrals are next.  Kerry will benefit from some of these fabrics as well.
Hope to get to sewing this week.  There are more projects to be seen today through the links at Patchwork Times.


Janet O. said...

Wow, Sandi, all of those little narrow strips in Krates boggle my mind!
Looks like a lovely, colorful project coming up next. Can't wait to see it develop.

Betty said...

Wow, so glad that you took over those fabrics for Krates, lol, would still be stacked in the drawer. lol Sure did turn out lovely.
Another scrappy quilt coming from you, the colors look great. Love you

Kerry's Quilting said...

Krates looks great-lot's of all those little pieces that you like! Thanks for helping me out with Lazy Sunday! I love the bright colors.