Thursday, February 12, 2015

Here is Kurry today.  I have just three more units to sew before I will be moving along to the next step...cutting melons.  I'm sure I want to use this fabric it plays nicely with everything its touched so far.  That setting square is still giving me problems though.  Anyone care to make a suggestion on what to try?  Perhaps a solid would work or maybe I need to use a few different fabrics.  The current one just has too much red in it, even when fussy cut.
Wednesday I took a Norah McMeeking workshop at Memory Lane.  Norah is an entertaining and knowledgeable instructor.  She shared lots of tips and tricks that I'll be sure to use with future projects.  This is my project after the day's six hours of sewing and demonstrations.  It will finish as a medallion block.  The marble affect is what I was going for since Norah's designs are developed from the many beautifully constructed floors in Europe.  I think this designed was brought together from a floor in Italy.  Fun workshop if you are interested in foundation piecing. 
Well as is the norm of the past few years my projects are starting to stack up...It's all the workshops that I attend in the beginning of the year added to my current project.  I only have one more empty basket...something needs to finish soon!

Make sure you remember your honey this Valentines Day!

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