Design Wall Monday, February 2, 2015

Well by now you've heard we have more winter ahead and the Mayor of Sun Prairie has a new place to adorn an earring when he found out!  The weather across the nation is cold, windy, and snowing.  Even San Diego is having some cold temperatures.

Today after work I have been spending time on Kurry.  Wow this one is hard to assemble.  I have all the yellows and transitional yellows towards the pink side (on the left) sewn.  There are two transitional yellows towards the teal side (on  the right) sewn.  My next units will be the transitionals on both sides.  I'm still undecided on the setting square that are sewn in with partial seams.  The quilt will have 20 blocks (4 across and 5 down) sewn in diagonal rows with the yellow running diagonally from top right to bottom left.  Oh what fun is in store for me with this Briar Patch design by Judy Niemeyer!

I get to work on Kurry the entire month because my #1 called to work on by Aunt Marti of in the 2015 UFO Challenge she is running is complete!  I sure didn't think I'd have been so far along when back in December I added Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Winter Mystery to my 2015 UFO List.  Here's my version which I named Kadabra.  =^.^=

Many thanks go out to everyone who left a suggestion on a name for my Downton Abbey Mystery project.  There were some great suggestions, but the name Karnarvon wins out.  Here's how Joy D describes her coming up with it:

"Great work on the mystery. My vote for a name would be Karnarvon. Downton Abbey 
is filmed at Highclere Castle, home of the 8th Earl of Carnarvon. As for mystery...the 
5th Earl of Carnarvon funded and accompanied the expedition to find King Tut's tomb. 
Was it the curse of the tomb that killed him a few months later? 
With the tall triangles, they could pyramids? 
Just my 2 cents! Great work on the quilt!"

Hope you had a fantastic start to February 2015.  Take time to check out other projects from some great quilters through the links at Judy's Patchwork Times.


Janet O. said...

We are still waiting for winter here in Northern Utah. No snow on the ground, just rain and warm temps. Fields are greening up, daffodils are popping through the soil, and I'm afraid my lilacs are going to start to bud. We are usually in a deep freeze this time of year!
Kurry boggles my mind! You really tackle some tough ones, but it will be amazing.
Kadabra is beautiful!
And you found the perfect name for your mystery quilt. : )

Joy D. said...

Kurry is coming along nicely. I'm enjoying seeing it take shape. Great job on the Bonnie Hunter mystery too...Two UFO finishes already!! If I would stop watching Downton Abbey while I was trying to quilt, I might actually get some quilting done! I'm glad I was able to provide some info for Karnarvon, but that really makes me a Downton Nerd. :) Good luck with your sewing this week, and I hope it warms up for you.