Friday, February 13, 2015

I've decided on all the final version of Kurry.  I abandoned using the multi colored fabrics for all melons and setting square.  I have added in lots of similar fabrics for the melons and the setting square.  The melons all present better being on the darker side.  I only left a few in just to be interesting.  Next step...sewing in all the melons.  Don't like curves; do you?

The back for my Downton Abbey quilt has been sewn together.  I used the leftovers as often times I do.  Why waste them when you can use them is my motto.  I will share photos on my next post.

Lastly on my Friday Off-Day (just love these days) I attached the binding and sleeve for my most recent back from Kerry's Quilting project.  I hope to make some headway on the hand sewing over the weekend.

Off for dinner somewhere on this lovely night in San Diego!  Happy Valentines Day everyone... 

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Janet O. said...

It looks gorgeous, Sandi! The colors flow beautifully from one side to the other. Wonderful job!