Design Wall Monday, January 27, 2014

I have Konqueror on my design wall today.  This is my January UFO that I'm working very hard to finish by the end of the week.  I spent most of January finishing Krossfire so now I'm paying the price :)!  All good though; having Krossfire finished makes me very happy.  
Konqueror Assembled Blocks
These are the next blocks to be assembled, the Star Block.  Off to the right are more of the 4-Patch units that are also ready to assemble.  I am thinking I don't need a 70 x 90 quilt as the pattern calls for...perhaps I'll make it one row less both down the length and across the width.

Road to California 2014 was a great show as always.  It was made a bit more special since Kartwheels took 2nd place in the Traditional Pieced, Wall category!  I also was lucky to have Koriander Kompass entered.  Hopefully next year they accept Krossfire; at least that's where I'm aiming for it to be.

This is the result of a day of instruction with Janna Thomas' Star Fusion design.  Janna's Bloc Loc rulers are used to create the affect of the major star points made from strip sets.  It is a fun design that I will make in both the black and whites that you see in my class project and the Glorious Color fabrics that arrived a little too late for the class.  
Krackerjack In Progress
Bloc Loc Rulers Used for Star Fusion Design
I helped Linda Ballard out as her VIQ (aka class helper).  As a thank you I was gifted a pattern.  I really like the applique on A Gaggle of Geese.  I'm not much of an applique quilter, but I do dabble a bit from time to time.  The tape and the finger lights are purchases I'm anxious to try.

Rulers used making Harmony Square
This is my version of Harmony Square.  There is a snowball block that gets into the design as well.  
Khorous In Progress 
Students Harmony Square Blocks
Let me close with my Blue Ribbon for Kartwheels.  If you haven't tried for a show it is well worth the experience.


Kathie said...

I normally don't care that much for two color quilts but I think yours is going to be stunning as usual.

I sure don't know how you work and get all of this done!!

Shelly said...

Love your choice of brights with black and white for Krackerjack! Can't wait to see how it turns out. I may borrow the idea myself.

Janet O. said...

I am liking the subtlety of Konqueror.
Oh, Star Fusion is very eye-catching. That is a new twist on the Bloc-loc rulers!
Congrats on your ribbon--doesn't surprise me at all! : )

Ramona said...

How exciting that you won a ribbon for your quilt! Congrats!! And I love your Krackerjack quilt! The stars just pop. No reason to think why your Krossfire quilt won't be accepted for a show. That one is truly beautiful.