Thursday, January 2, 2014

The last part of the Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery was given us yesterday.  I have all the parts and pieces sewn already.  Now it is time to put them into blocks and assemble the top.  I like the design and the way the colors all work together.  Surprised how the orange and blue triangle blocks were put in to make the pieced border.  Thanks Bonnie for another terrific project.   
 I finished up my part of the Red Strings and 9-Patch Block Swap.  So I'm first this year to be done.  Hope all the other swappers are poised for a timely completion.  You know how sudden these due dates hit us!  Just look how swift 2013 went by....  I'll be making these blocks into Bonnie Hunter's Talking Turkey project.  It also happens to be one of my 2014 UFO Challenges.
Aunt Marti at let us know yesterday that our 2014 UFO Challenge project was the very luck #7!  Mine is Konqueror.  These are the only blocks I have done as of now.  This was a class I took at the San Diego Quilt Show last year.  I have a bunch of pieces cut out.  I am really excited to get going on it.

So what have you decided to work on first in 2014?


Janet O. said...

I will be surprised if you are not the first person I see finish up their Celtic Solstice top!
I'm working on a couple of gift projects right now, so nothing to show.

Betty said...

Good job, Looks like you are ready for all your UFO's I agree with Janet, you will be the first one finished.

Teresa in Music City said...

Your Celtic Solstice is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see it done. I'm glad I've kept all the clues so I can make one of my own one day :*) I'm working on Talkin Turkey too with a couple of friends. We have a sew day together every other week, and we don't touch it in between, so it's slow going. But that's okay with us, we're in no hurry. It's really all about the fellowship anyway - with the added bonus of having a gorgeous quilt at the end LOL!!!

Kathie said...

Love the colors of the first quilt.