Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Wednesday!  On my way Monday night to meet up with Jeanne for dinner before Canyon Quilt Guild monthly meeting, I stopped by Beverly's.  I was hoping to find a printy green or pink in a dark shade for one of the last two remaining compass blocks to be made.  This one isn't  exactly what I was looking for but, since I've made a few pink projects it's one color I don't have much of.  This light pink will work in well so a FQ came home with me.  Beverly's has a nice Memorial Day Sale this coming Sunday and Monday...all fabric 25% off!

When I got home I received a package from Janet O.  I was the lucky winner of her Blog Anniversary Celebration.  I received a real special mini quilt, a bunch of FEs, her soaps and a needle nanny.  I'm looking for a special place to display her quilt, the FEs are already tucked neatly in my stash, the first bar of soap is waiting for me, and the needle nanny will get a go as soon as I get time to sit down to sew.  Be sure to check out Janet O's blog; she has lots going on in her sewing room.  Thanks Janet.


Betty said...

All those goodies, that is really nice. Congrads. Janet is so thoughtful. Don't spend a lot of money on the weekend sale.

Janet O. said...

I'm glad the package made it to you safely, Sandi. (And I sent the label yesterday.) : )
I can't believe you already have all but two of those compasses made!