Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to my lovely niece, Tiffany.  She celebrates her 21st birthday today.  Can you remember celebrating your 21st?

Here is where I start my PJ day!  I got some help from Bonnie and Sue today removing paper from two of the compasses.  While they worked on that I was using my Bloc Loc HST Ruler to square up a bunch of 2" units.  It takes quite a lot of them to get around each compass.  Before Wednesday was done I had the two compasses from lunchtime ready for assembly.  The three in the middle are ready to assemble, you'll note they don't quite line up with the three finished on the right.  The three compasses on the left are in three different stages. The top one is the furthest from being complete.  There are more HSTs to be made!

Have a wonderful day everyone...Koriander Kompass and I are going to be real close today! 


Janet O. said...

So stunning, Sandi!

regan said...

This quilt is going to be so fantastic! I love seeing your progress, and the stages each block goes through!

Betty said...

I love it, so very nice.