Design Wall Monday, May 13, 2013

I worked on cutting the remaining 5 1/2" squares of dark and neutral for the HST Swap.  Today during my lunch break I will mark the vertical center on all the neutral squares.  I hope to sew these up during the week.  The swap is due on June 23.  Two have turned in their blocks to date.  I think I will get a few more on Tuesday since many of the participants of the swap are members at Sunshine Quilt Guild.

With the selection from DH yesterday; Koriander Kompass will be next to assemble.  As I have been mentioning one of four unfinished projects from my 2011 UFO list.  This is an early Brenda Henning design called Spice Islands Compass.  The black on the right will be used for the borders.  These three colors fit well with the black and are good complimentary colors on the color wheel.  The fabrics are not all batiks.  I have thrown in several cottons that are vibrant where lots of times batiks don't get to.  I will need to find a couple of darker "printy" pinks and maybe a very light pink.  I plan to stop by Memory Lane on Tuesday enroute to Sunshine Guild monthly meeting to see if there might be something on the shelves  that will work.  This is the first of nine blocks to be assembled.  They are not set on point as this arrangement suggests.  I will work more on the centers before I sew the parts together.

These are the next fabrics I plan to make into the second "compass".  They do go together fairly quick.  If time works on my side tonight I will have this one together before bedtime.

You can see from Brenda's design how the borders are to be.  I may reconsider the wedges around the "compass".  I like the look of the darker background used in her project instead of the same background fabric in the "compass".

See other fun and incredible projects today through the links at Patchwork Times.  Have a wonderful week.


Betty said...

Another stunning quilt, I think you are now in the "Challenge Me" mode, this one will be another beauty. Ha,Ha I beat you to a finished swap lol.

Janet O. said...

Where do you come up with these beauties, Sandi? I am always in awe! You have another gorgeous quilt in the making here. : )

~Kris~ said...

Beautiful colors in your compass. Can't wait to see more.