Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sunshine's Guild meeting was last night.  There was a very late last minute change in the program, but it was a fun one.  The gals from Butterfly Express Quilting were sure a hoot.  Their hinge quilting idea is a neat one along with their presentation...we were a singing group last night!

The first photo are more HSTs turned in by the participants of the current swap.  From left to right Mary, Teresa, and Karen have done a nice job.  Their fabrics are varied in color with the perfect neutrals.  Five turned in with many more to come by June 23rd!

The guild had a library blow out.  There were all kinds of books being sold for $1.  I happened upon an earlier Buggy Barn Book that was calling out to me.  I listened and now it's part of my library.  The cover quilt interests me for a stash busting project.  I'm sure I can find enough fabrics that will play well together that are FQs.  If there was one lesson to learn from the last Buggy Barn class I took its to use FQs.  Its just too much work doing otherwise.

On my way to the Guild meeting I stopped at Memory Lane to add a couple more fabrics to my current project, Koriander Kompass.  I found three fabrics for it to help with the light side of the oranges and the print side of the darker pinks.  I also found a background that I had to get the opinion of my quilting sisters on using.  The combined opinion was to use it.  Visit back tomorrow and I'll show you more.

Happy Wednesday!


Jennifer Thomas said...

Sounds like you've been busy! The Buggy Barn book looks like fun. I think I have a couple of those in my library somewhere. Have a super day!

Janet O. said...

I'm very curious about this new background for your current project!
I'm also curious about the "singing group" comment. : )

Betty said...

How did singing play a part in your quilting program, sounds unusal? I know that you are happy to get a Buggy Barn book, need to know which ones you have and maybe I would run across one that you don't have, never know????? In June my guild will be having an auction, who knows????