Design Wall Monday, February 25, 2013

Koda's Keeper
I've been organizing my projects and landed on Koda's Keeper as the project to work on this coming week.  Koda's Keeper is a quilt that I was making for my brother Steve and his wife.  It was the adult quilt that kept with the theme of teddy bears.  The teddy bear theme was for my niece Morgan's nursery.  Morgan got Koda.  

Sadly Steve didn't get a chance to wrap up in Koda's Keeper because of his sudden passing just days after Morgan was born.  I've not been able to work on this project, but now it's time.  Koda's Keeper started as a block exchange with members of Canyon Quilt Guild in 2007.  The only criteria was to make an adultish teddy bear quilt in browns with blues, yellows and accents in pink.  Everyone followed pretty well.  I've ended up with a bunch of bear paws and nearly as many bears.  I'm still working on a layout along with an additional bear or two not to mention some more bear paws.  It is scrappy, but I held back many of the original fabrics to help with additions if they were needed. 
For top, Quiltmaker
For right side, Antique Bear
I'm rearranging a couple of the bear paws to get more of the blue and yellow into the quilt.  I just love the FREE Antique Bear applique patterns by Annette Truong of I'm planning on at least one more if not two.  I also have a pattern from a Quiltmaker Magazine, May/June '03 issue with a bear flying away by a balloon.  This project is a 2011 UFO that gets finished in 2013!

Find more inspiration through the links at  Enjoy the week ahead in your sewing room!


Janet O. said...

I can see how difficult it would be to work on this quilt--lots of emotion wrapped up with it.
You have a great start on it. Very clever mix of the appliqued bears and the Bear Paw blocks. I really like those antique teddy bear patterns.

Chris said...

I am so sorry :( I can fully understand how difficult it would be to work on this quilt.

NurseBrandy said...

Oh, so sweet... I love the quilts, and am glad you are finding yourself able to work on them again. Your family will love them!

Betty said...

You are doing great and I love what you have so far. That large bear is darling. I have a couple of bear applique patterns, I am going to scan them to you. Hang tight, love you.

Teresa in Music City said...

Hopefully time will have healed enough that the quilt will bring good memories rather than sad ones. Hugs!