Saturday, February 2, 2013

Well today is Ground Hog's Day.  Was there a shadow?  I've not heard yet...  There's been no shadows in my sewing room I'm happy to say.  Mom and I took the Travel Case workshop at Bits and Pieces on Thursday.  We are happy with our Travel Cases.  Plan to change up the batting with any that we make in the future.  What we used was a bit thicker than what we really needed.
My Travel Case

Mom's Travel Case
I got my January UFO #5 in on time.  Aunt Marti pulled #4 to work on in February.  Here's what you'll be seeing me work on during the month.  It is a small one finishing 13 1/2" square.  I'll be calling my project Kadette.  If you want pattern information check out my list of 2013 UFOs in my Pages at the right.

Next up a completion!  Kovers is finished.  Kerry's Quilting did a terrific job on the quilting.  I'm so happy with how this mystery project turned out.  The quilt finishes at 71" square.

Have a terrific day today.  Find time to do what you enjoy most.  I'll be sewing with my Mom!


Kerry's Quilting said...

Love the travel cases! Sounds like it was a fun class.

Janet O. said...

Kadette is so cute. I look forward to seeing that one come together.