Friday, February 22, 2013


UFO #4 with Thirteen in '13 is DONE!  United We Stand by Mary Herschleb Designs is the pattern.  The binding will be red.  I'm ahead!  Bring on March UFO Aunt Marti....

As long as the reds were out I whipped up Sunshine Quilters February BOM.  February's BOM is being coordinated by Carol.  I like the pattern she selected for us.  I've not been winning any of the BOMs, so guess I can figure on not getting this one either.  Well maybe my luck will can only hope.  

Today I've got a back to put together.  Will do everything possible to use up all the leftover fabrics.  the back needs to be about 95" x 110".  Eek that is big!!!!


Janet O. said...

Kadette looks super--knew it would! : )

Betty said...

I like Kadette, my knda pattern. The BOM is really nice, looks like a irish chain?