Design Wall Monday, September 5, 2011

I've got nothing to show on my Design Wall, but lots to show in my sewing studio in various stages.  I'm working on Kolonial; my version of Bonnie Hunter's Jamestown Landing available in the Australian Homespun The Blue Issue magazine.  I purchased my copy through Erica's.  The magazine is a bit hard to find.

HSTs finished and still yet to be sewn

HSTs sewn ready for cutting in half, etc.
The pattern calls for 840 HSTs.  These go together faster than you'd think if you do them with assembly sewing.  The longest part of the process is cutting off the dog ears!  I've got half of them all finished and the remaining half (with the exception of about 40) sewn ready for the removal of the dog ears.
strip blocks done, ready to be trimmed, and yet to be sewn
The strip blocks are always quick.  They use up so much thread and as long as you stay within the color family you can use just about any spool.  I use a featherweight pelon as the foundation so I don't have to rip it away.  It lays quite nicely in a quilt top; so much so that you'd not notice it to be present.  There is a stack of strips already cut and another stack of neutrals ranging from white to beige to cut into yet.  I've got 86 done of the 168 that is required.  Probably safe to say I'm half way done with Kolonial.
outside border pieces and fabric to cut more
The outside border is a piano key design that uses 1" to 2 1/2" widths 5" long.  I have a stack of these already cut and a tower of pinks to use if I need more.  I'll be saving the larger pieces to use last as I'll need 10 1/2" squares for my scrappy back too.  My pink/red stash is definitely a bit lighter for the fabrics that are being used with Kolonial.

Today I have my three San Diego Quilt Show entries to drop off between 1 and 6pm at Rosies Calico Cupboard in La Mesa.  The show will be hung on Wednesday.  Look at yesterday's post if you want to see them.  I'll be going to Preview Night on Wednesday evening.  Entry is a bit higher, parking as I recall is a bit less, but the number one (and two) reason I like Preview Night is the less crowded show room and ticket sales support a local charity.

Crazy Cats by Buggy Barn
Later this week I'll be collecting fabrics from my stash for my next Buggy Barn workshop with Julanne Bergstrom at Amidon Quiltworks in Poway.  The workshop is on assembly of Crazy Cats from The Buggy Barn's That Crazy Thing We Do pattern book.

There is always a UFO to be working on...but each of these are something new this year!  What fun things do you have going on this Labor Day?  Get a glimpse into other sewing studios today at Patchwork Times.


Kathie said...

Looks like tons of little pieces you are working with. Love the cat quilt.

Denise :) said...

It looks like you have several design walls in the making! I think that counts. Have a great day! :)

Lynn said...

Your quilt is going to be great. I love the cat quilt. Good luck at the show.

Janet O. said...

Bonnie's patterns have so many pieces, but look so good when done. You are well on your way with this one.
Very fun cat quilt--I know several cat lovers who would be thrilled with it!

Kate said...

I love the colors in the Kolonial quilt!

Jo said...

Can't wait to see the pick version of JTLanding.

Michelle said...

Crazy Cats is gorgeous -- I love the colors!