Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Wednesday.  Here is a photo of my Bunko Winnings!  I had a real fun time with 20 other quilters at Memory Lane Quilt Shop on Monday night.  We played Bunko for Batik FQs.  Everyone who participated brought in 5 Batik FQs.  The FQs were split up into the several prizes that one could win for the night.  A 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Most Wins; a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Most Losses; one Most Bunkos; and one Traveling Twos.  I won two prizes, the first for 1st Most Losses and the second for Traveling Twos.  I brought home 24 FQs!  Aren't they nice?

Bunko Winnings!

I didn't get to far along on Tuesday night with RRCB Clue 3.  I had hoped to, but decided I'd better get to baking my contribution for the cookie exchange I'm participating in at work on Thursday.  I needed to make five dozen to be split among ten in the exchange.  We'll have a lunch first then sample the extra cookies that we are to bring as well.  Then split up the cookies among us.  I made two kinds White Chocolate-Orange Marmalade Rugelach and Raspberry-Orange Strips.  Both are "pretty" to put on a platter for the holidays.  Of course both DH and I had to sample....YUM!  After making what I needed (including an extra batch of the Raspberry-Orange Strips since DH sampled a bit too much) I only had time to sew up two of the strip blocks.  I'm happy with them, what do you think?  I have realized that most of my strips need to be longer lengths so I'll need to work on that for the next 58.

RRCB Clue 3, 2 down 58 to go!
Enjoy the rest of your week.  Hope you get all the sewing in that you'd hope for.


Betty said...

What a nice group of Batiks, looks like you will have a nice Christmas quilt in the future.
Cookie baking sounds yummy, must be great cookies for DH to eat so many.

Kathie said...

beautiful fabrics what a nice win!!! I like the string blocks what are you piecing them on? I have done those and used deli papers to piece them on and then they were easy to rip out.

scraphappy said...

Your blocks look great. Hope you have time to get some more done amongst all those cookies. Your house must smell delicious right now.

kwiltnkats said...

Kathie, I use very light weight interfacing. So I don't have to rip out. When I was Chairperson for Project Linus lots of string quilts were made. I used any fabric that was not desirable--lots of these from donations--for the foundations. Sandi

Lori said...

I have to bake when DH isn't around. Usually I set the cookies outside (they stay frozen!) in big tins on the deck. Hmmm--he eats frozen cookies. I am putting them further away from the door.

Tina Rathbone said...

Sandi, tell me more about the lightweight interfacing. I fear that I will be tweezing out tiny bits of tracing paper from this UFO I'm working on, for the rest of my given days.

Brand name and exact name, please! Oh, and nice score on the batiks. Did everyone win that much?
PS: Cookies sound divine!