Design Wall Monday, July 8, 2024


Star of Hope piecing is finished.  Now it is time to iron the blocks and assemble the rows.  It sure looks great.  Love the design, but I won't be making another one with the secondary block anytime too soon...probably never =^.^=

I need to select one of these two light blues for the inner border.  I'm leaving towards the one on the right, but this will depend on what the darker outer border will be.  I don't have anything enough in my stash.  There is a Rosie's gathering on 7/19 so I may wait until then or maybe (since I am retired now) just take a drive there before then!  

Yep you did read correctly; I am full into Retirement Mode.  This cute T-shirt that I have worn a couple of times now is a gift from Bonnie.  Everyone loved it!

These gifts came from Kerry.  I have been wearing this bracelet nearly every day since it arrived.  It goes with just about everything.  The mug is highly appropriate don't you think?

Mom sent me these.  The arrangement is live flowers in a beautiful arrangement that is tucked inside a paper vase and wrapped with a bow.  It is on my mantel in an attempt to keep two kitties away from them.

My coworkers sent me off nicely with a cookout on the patio at work.  I was happy to have such a great group of coworkers over the 37 years and 3 months with BAE Systems.  I received retirement cards and a special gift card to Starbucks.  Lots of phone calls from family and friends today as well as several toasts this past weekend to my career that comes to an end.  Thanks to everyone who made this day special.  Life is good =^.^=

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