Design Wall Monday, August 8, 2022

All the units to build the 20 blocks are complete, plus two extra.  Wonky Wishes also needs sashing.  I figured out 2 1/2 yards should be enough.  Next sale will get what is needed.

This will be used for the Wonky Wishes back and binding.  $3.00 a yard clearance...awesome!

This is the remaining 2 1/2" squares.  They will go back in the strip stash.  More 2 1/2" squares could be cut from strips that are on hand, but this pattern is too labor intensive for more.

These are the next 1" finished HSTs to prepare.  There are lots more that will need to be done even after getting this batch done.  O Say...Can You Sew! has all month to finish Clue 5.

Have a wonderful week =^.^=


Betty said...

Looking good, I knew you would have finished this soon

Kerry's Quilting said...

Wonky Wishes looks great. It is on my UFO list!