Design Wall Monday, May 11, 2020

This is Part 4 in progress.  Part 3 still needs the inner neutral borders and then 32 blocks of what you see in progress.  With plenty of medium blues in my posession now that Mom came to my rescue.  I have all units cut and being sewn.
Part 5 makes this project from a square to a rectangle, my prefered shape in larger projects.  It takes 2" neutral squares sewn together for a border and FG of blue/medium blue/red with neutral "skies".
Part 7 is a larger block and yes I will be stopping after Part 5.  The last thing I need is a large project with no plans for an owner.  I wouldn't mind doing the larger projects as charity ones, but I do use my checkbook for quilting and it becomes a bit expensive.  Those who are long arm quilters are lucky to have this at their disposal.

I'm continuing on with Unity QA.  I have really been enjoying this free project with Bonnie.  Take care friends.  Say a little prayer for my niece, her husband and their soon to be born son Greyson.  His birth date has been set for June 2nd.  With his heart defects looming all of his birthing doctors will be ready for whisking him off to surgery.


Janet O. said...

Really looking good! Sometimes you have to know when your quilt is done, even if the pattern continues.
I will keep your niece and her family in my prayers!

kwiltnkats said...

Thank you Janet.