Design Wall Monday, April 20, 2020

Wish I were working on Kavort or my Unity QA, but alas more masks are being produced in my spare time.
I did cut out and sew together the strips of the inner border of Kavort.  I also sewed the pink/neutral and blue/neutral  HSTs together and pinned them to the Design Wall.  :).  I looked at the instructions for doing more to the Unity QA...does that count?

Sue Spargo's Creative Stitches book arrived.  I will be needing this book to do all the decorative stitches on the Beware! It's Halloween! project when I get it going.  As yet it remains all together in a plastic bag.

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Janet O. said...

Oh, I know the feeling about the mask making. Seems it is all I do lately.
Sue's stitching is gorgeous--looks like you will be doing some lovely work, when you get a chance. :)