Sunday Stash Report, May 26, 2019

Today I have Princess Julianna done.  Along with a pillow case to match =^.^=

As everyone knows it is really hard to calculate fabric used in a project when nearly all of it comes from stash.  That said...I calculate 16.5 yards went into this project for a five year old little girl whose name happens to be?  You guess :)!

Used this week:  16.5 yards
Used YTD:  75.5 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  37 yards
Net used in 2019:  38.5 yards

Have a great week =^.^=


Betty said...

You did a great job, she will love it

Unknown said...

It turned out great! She'll love it!!

Nancy J said...

Delightful, and a pillowcase as well, Juliana's room will be truly magical.