Design Wall Monday, January 28, 2019

This is the result of a day with Lori Holt in her Happy Place workshop.  The project to the right is Kerry's.  We both used my portable design wall during the workshop.

I mentioned to DH that I could take the entire week off and not get caught up on all the partly started projects going on in my sewing room.

Koldplay is on the design wall along with Happy Place.  Kilkenny Kat is in a project basket waiting too.

I have no business picking up patterns this past week and I just ordered one other tonight.  Smiling...

Vintage Christmas


Janet O. said...

Would even taking a month off do it? :)
Interested to see how Happy Place turns out. I have attended a trunk show by Lori Holt, but I have never taken a class from her.
Lots of fun patterns--cut fox. I love the effect of the Atkinson Design pattern.

Janet O. said...

That should say "cute fox". :)