Design Wall Monday, August 27, 2018

Strings are what I want to work with next...  Punkin' Patch designed by Bonnie Hunter is just the right answer.  From my 2018 UFO List, this one is #7.  Mom gifted me grays and oranges earlier this year.  I'll be using that fabric and a bunch of my own to put this one together.  Foundation pieces have been copied and the first two of 49 string pumpkin units have been sewn.  Kerry is also making this project so there will be some sharing of fabrics likely.  I will be taking this on my trip...that leaves tomorrow!

Looking forward to spending time with my family for ten days.  Scott (BIL) picks me up close to midnight.  I will be spending the night at their home.  Breakfast with long time friend Teri the next day.  Mom and Dad pick me up around 11am.  It will be a busy couple of days.  Karen will be joining us on either Friday or Saturday for the weekend.  This time of year is hard for her since she works with the school system and its the first days of the school year.

The four of us travel to the Richmond area for a visit with Tiffany (niece) and Matt.  It will be the first time my parents and I see their new home.  Well got to go and pack =^.^=.  Hope you have a great week.


TeriRobJess said...

Can’ wait to see you Sandi!

Betty said...

Beautiful post
All sounds special. Glad that you will get to spend some time with Teri
See you real soon

Janet O. said...

That is a fun Bonnie pattern. If you run low on orange fabrics let me know. I did a different Bonnie pattern in Fall colors, and I still have a bunch left in a tub.
Have a wonderful time with family!