Wednesday, June 6, 2018

My kitties turn 1 today!  I guess technically they are cats now, but they will always be my kitties!

Here is Kassy (short for Katastrophy).  She is quite the pistol.  She is the smallest and the quickest of the four Abyssinians we've called our babies.  The funniest antic Kassy does is a pirouette off the wall near the light switch.  You can tell by her body movements when she's about to spaz out as DH will claim.  Of course anything on a stick will get her attention.  Oh, Kassy will drop everything for a chance to catch the light of a laser pointer...she can hear the toy as we reach for it...even if we don't immediately engage the beam.

Here she is watching the birds at the feeder.  I got her attention just for a moment for this photo.

Kosmo is quite the lover.  Give him your lap and he'll gladly keep it warm for awhile.  He's our talker and the biggest of our Abyssinians by a long shot.  At first I considered that I might be feeding him too much, but that just wasn't the case.  What we find so funny about Kosmo is that he'll just decide to sprawl out on his side anywhere at the oddest of times.  Plastic springs can entertain him for quite awhile.  He's been known to retrieve them for you to toss again and again and again.  DH says his biggest volley was 11 times.  He is a bit selfish with his stuffed toys, especially the yellow bird and the squirrel, and the skunk, and the green worm.

Here he is rooting out the treats I hide for him on the cat tower every morning.

So Happy Birthday to my kitties!  The next bag of kibble will be for Cats 1 year and older :)  But let's first get into the Gerber Lil' Sticks =^.^=


Nancy J said...

Wonderful kitties, and now all grown up!!! They are such lovely companions.One of ours is a trouble maker with pins, he pulls them out and has one in his mouth if I am not extra watchful!!!

Frog Quilter said...

Nancy one of my cats has a pin fetish. So bad.

kwiltnkats said...

Pins bad! They are very interesting to cats. My first cat Kaos had a big interest in them. I learned to be vigil. I have found Kosmo’s paws seeing how far he could go with Mom’s stuff. Bad cat!!!

Betty said...

Third attempt to send a comment from my new iPad,
Happy Birthday to Kassy and Kosmo. I am not a cat person, but fell in love with these two kittens. They are so lovable and full of mischief, and Playful. They sure can get in trouble during the day. Eaugiful