Design Wall Monday, June 4, 2018

I know I should be working off my UFO list, but I wanted a little bit of a change in technique.  This project is from Wombat Quilts called Snowballs and Stars.  I used the foundation pieced designs for May 2016 BOM with Sunshine Quilt Guild.  I haven't seen the winner's project that used pinks.  Hope she finishes it!  Kerry and I both want to make one of our own.  We've swapped black and white fabrics because we all know variety is the best choice for us scrappy quilters =^.^=

I found a few more black and white fabrics to what accent color should be used.  Anything will work!  I'm sitting on my floor next to my green stash...

Kandiyohi is coming along nicely.  (Sorry for the photo being so crooked.)  Only units to stitch together are the setting triangles.  They are oversized and that right corner looks a bit off, but that is because the first two diagonal sashings are sewn together.  Kerry finished her project first and she mentioned how easy it can be to get the sashing wrong.  I've been paying a lot of attention to it.  I'll be standing back to make sure the units aren't too similar too close to each other.

These are the pieces that are left that will make my On Ringo Lake complete.  Then it will be on to the creative border I mentioned yesterday.


Aunt Marti said...

Look at you go! I got caught up in thescrappytrip2018 SAL, so no UFO finishes for me, either!

Nancy J said...

The greens are delightful, and are great with the B&W or grey pieces.